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Krystyna's European Spa integrates therapy for the body and treatments for beauty with relaxation for the mind and spirit. In the European spa tradition, there is no Cartesian dichotomy between mind and body: what heals one restores the other. Proprietor Krystyna Ejsmont combines the purest, most advanced products with state-of-the-art treatment technology to implement a philosophy which combines complete relaxation with physical renewal.

Krystyna's European Spa is the product of a culture where food is considered a pleasure rather than a necessity, wine as food rather than a vice, and the spa and sauna a fixture of daily existence rather than a periodic indulgence. It is the realization of Krystyna Ejsmont's dream of a spa where ambiance and client service are as important as quality of the individual treatments offered.

Krystyna's European Spa is a quiet retreat from frenzied urban existence. Behind the glass door is an oasis of calm. Clients are invited to a soft leather sofa and offered purified water infused with cucumber and lemon, tea and fresh fruit as they relax before their treatments. Gentle ambient light, soothing music and calming scents set the mood as clients enter beautifully appointed treatment room.