Body Treatments

Using only the finest pure natural oils, essential plant extracts and elements from the earth, Krystyna’s European Spa techniques infuse your entire body with a sense of well- being and soothe your spirit. Treat yourself on a special occasion, or make this level of total body care part of your intentional lifestyle.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

RECountouring Body Treatment(SM)

90 minutes/$175

Especially effective on buttocks, thighs, arms, waist and hips, this treatment was featured in a Vogue magazine cover story as the only effective, non-invasive body treatment yielding immediate visible results. Krystyna lost 10 inches off her waist and hips just from practicing on herself before treating clients!

*Ask Krystyna about purchasing a series, to produce long-lasting results without invasive surgery and at a fraction of the cost!

Phytomer Seaweed Wrap

60 minutes/$160

Rids impurities and absorbs the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes contained in seaweed. These elements are essential for minimizing cellulite conditions.

Remineralizing Mud Therapy

60 minutes/$130

This masque completely mineralizes the entire body, giving the client a sense of well-being. Excellent for dry skin and an ideal alternative for those allergic to seaweed or iodine.

Bronzing Glow

90 minutes/$130

A beautiful bronzed body is yours – without the blotches, streaks, or orange tones you may have once experienced.

Mineral Salt Exfoliation

60 minutes/$110

Our own European cleansing and sloughing treatment using a rich salt mixture, chock full of natural minerals that reduce inflammation. Clears the body of dead skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and looking bright.

Sauna Session

15 minutes/$30*

Following in the footsteps of a strong European tradition, Krystyna’s offers relaxation in a wood-lined sauna cabin. Sweat out toxins in this peaceful and aromatic environment, and pair it with an ice cold shower for maximum benefits.

  • Free with any massage, facial, and/or body treatment