Advanced Skincare

Fragrant and colorful flowers always welcome you to Krystyna’s European Spa, where our talented aestheticians treat your skin as they would the delicate petals of the most beautiful rose. Trust your blossoming beauty to our safe, non-invasive advanced treatments.

Smooth away fine lines, acne scars and discolorations. Relax as you take the next step to enhance your own natural beauty. Nourish your skin naturally with our refreshing hydrating treatments. You will instantly see the rewards of caring for yourself, inside and out.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Deep Hydration Facial

90 minutes/$170

Using the active ingredient Pheohydrane to heal and hold water in the tissue, this facial has extraordinary long lasting effects.

Glycolic Acid Treatment

60 minutes/$115 – with Facial: $145

Improves the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for dry and acne prone skin.

Algaederm Treatment

30 minutes/$90 – with Facial: $145

Our gentle masque eliminates redness encourages elasticity, replenishes nutrients, and eliminates clogged pores.

Age Eraser Non-Laser Pulse Light Therapy

$90/30 minutes

This unique cosmetic treatment utilizes the amazing benefits of light therapy to restore skin’s youthfulness. The light stimulates collagen and elastin production, filling in fine lines and wrinkles. The results are glowing, firm, and radiant skin.


60 minutes/$150 – with Facial: $195

For that special evening, schedule this “pick me up” for your face. Experience a gentle, yet thorough cleansing treatment. The skin is then exfoliated using fine crystals, gently minimizing fine lines, sunspots, and mild scarring.

Lymphobiology Treatment

30 minutes/$90 – with Facial: $145

This detoxifying therapy stimulates the lymphatic system around the face and neck to alleviate fluid retention, fatigue, and problematic skin.

Echo 2 Oxygen Treatment

60 minutes/$140 – with Facial: $185

Rehydrates, regenerates and renews skin’s collagen and elasticity.

Purifying Back Treatment

60 minutes/$100

Deep pore cleansing and detoxifying treatment for the back. Includes exfoliation and light massage.